Compared methodology to establish a taxonomic study of the interactive documentary (II)


To continue to develop our original methodology approach we propose in this special post an approach from three aspects: as discussed in the first post of this series, it is very important to know in depth the development of both the documentary genre and the digital media genre to know where we come. Having well founded the pillars of the house, we can get inside and cover with reliable guarantees our object of study. So, the third key ingredient is to bring together these two areas and create a specific methodological framework related to the interactive documentary field.

Currently, we offer two synthetic figures (1 and 2), related to interactive digital media and documentary genre. In the third post of this series we will define the methodology regarding the interactive documentary. Once successfully defended the doctoral thesis and obtained the Doctorate Degree (UPF, 2012), we will present a comprehensive summary tables where these three areas will be listed and described detailing the synergies between them.



Diagram summarizing the methodology used to carry out research on the documentary genre




 Diagram summarizing the methodology used to carry out research on the genre of digital media

It should be noted that this proposal is being reviewed in order to be presented as part of the theoretical framework on interactive documentary study, which may be subject to changes in the future (PhD defense:“The interactive documentary as a new audiovisual genre. Approach to proposed definition, taxonomy and analysis model for the evaluation, design and production”, UPF 2007-2012).

You can expand the information on the characterization of the interactive documentary reading some of my articles: “The Interactive Documentary. Definition Proposal and Basic Features of the Emerging Genreand “The Interactive Documentary. Definition Proposal and Characterization of the New Emerging Genre” (2011).

Also available on these links some of my presentations and communications at events and conferences, as performed for the I-Docs Symposium (Bristol, 2011) and the McLuhan Galaxy Conference (Barcelona, ​​2011).


Arnau Gifreu Castells

Researcher, Professor and Producer

Universitat Ramón Llull / Universitat de Vic


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