“Flows of the visible: the expansion of the documentary”, interesting masterclass by Professor Dr. Josep Maria Català (UAB)


The lecture “Flows of the visible: the expansion of the documentary”, was taught by Dr. Josep Mª Català, dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and academic director of the Masters Degree in Creative Documentary. This lecture was given during the 14th edition of the Masters Degree on Creative Documentary on December 2011.

Professor Català describes new forms of visual expression such as “Webdocumentary” and “Comic book documentary,” claiming membership in the documentary field. To do that, analyses the function of the documentary director of in the so-called “era of post-truth”, the relationship between the photographic phenomenon and the documentary form, as well as the impact of ICT in new forms of documentary filmmaking.



[This lecture was given in Spanish, so we hope to include subtitles in order to our Anglophone and Francophone audience can access this content of one of the most important figures in the field of Latin documentary landscape]


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