How to produce a webdoc: experiences around the interactive documentary


Madrid, 8 and 9 May, 16 to 19 h.

The DocumentaMadrid’14 festival, from 30 April to 11 May, organized by CINETECA, hosts a meeting point for professionals interested in interactive documentary. There is also an ideas laboratory originating in the EMBED and DOCMA initiatives, in collaboration with Intermediae, and with the participation of Media Lab (Spanish TV).

EMBED docma_textura_ALTA-03

The Web enables exciting new possibilities for storytelling and creating narrative experiences. But how? Lucia Andújar (DOCMA) and Maria Yañez (EMBED) run this meeting which, based on the exchange of experiences, aims to shed light on the creative processes involved in the development of an interactive documentary. During this process the participants will define the steps and tools needed to do it, look at how to structure a fragmented script, explore the nature of the narrative architecture and create teams to find suitable work.


This meeting aims to develop partnerships between professionals from different disciplines to support the creation of interactive projects. It is proposed to create a working group that meets regularly to continue developing and researching into the possibilities of interactive narratives. To do this, the organizers invite filmmakers, producers, programmers, graphic designers, writers, journalists and people interested in learning about new media production to participate.

The Media Lab at will participate with a presentation of their latest projects and will offer practical advice on projects under development. They will explain their working and learning methods and share what they have gained from their experience.

Five projects that present various topics to enrich the maximum collective learning process will be selected. Each project will have a time slot for presentation and group discussion. In addition, the Lab will support the dissemination of some of these projects through their platform.


8 May, from 16 to 19 h

1. Introducing the Interactive Documentary. Maria Yanez and Lucia Andújar

– What is it and what is it for?

– Examples of interactive documentary

– What is happening in our country?

– Creative community: what is being developed by different groups

1. RTVE.ES Lab

– Introduction to the Lab and projects developed in recent years

– Learning and experiences along the way

– Creative processes

3. Sharing. Designing practice.

– Let’s make a proposal to respond to our initial question, how?

– Could we develop a working method based on the creative process we go through?

9 May, 16 to 19 h

– Presentation of projects and group work

During this session five previously-selected projects will be presented, explaining the phase they are in, work processes they have gone through and needs to move forward. Following this collective learning model, the goal is to offer the attendees the experience of contributing ideas and suggestions for each project to help them to develop a working methodology. With the participation of the attendees and facilitators, the organizers will try to provide tools and suggest solutions to continue the development of each of the projects after this session.

– Introducing interDocsBarcelona 2014 (International Documentary Festival DocsBarcelona) by its coordinator, Arnau Gifreu.

If you want to attend this session, either with or without a project, you just sign up through this form.


The rapid expansion of this documentary form has definitively arrived  to Spain, so let’s taste what it has to offer in this succulent May at three specific events: DocumentaMadrid’14 festival (8-9 May), Docs.21 Documentary Digital Narrative Festival (20-30 May) and interDocsBarcelona (28 May – 1 June).

See you all there!

Arnau Gifreu
Researcher and producer