DOCS.21 Documentary digital narrative festival

We are lucky these days here in Spain. This year there are interesting initiatives happening around the interactive documentary, and in this post we want to introduce a festival that deals with all forms of documentary. We will summarize the ideas of the artistic director of this new festival, Andreu Meixide, who very kindly gave us five cents worth of this amazing project called DocS.21 Festival Documental de Narrativas Digitales.

According to Meixide the challenge was not easy: to create a festival for all those who are experimenting with digital nonfiction narratives. After several months analyzing other experiences, DocS.21 Festival Documental Narrativas Digitales was born: a laboratory aimed at identifying, promoting and giving visibility to creators and their works and projects in this area.

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Webdocs, immersive, collaborative, interactive and transmedia documentaries, etc., the projects presented can fall into any of these categories, but they have to be motivated by the belief that the digital age is giving us new tools, new perspectives and new ways of telling stories and experiencing them. DocS.21 seeks to be a festival for these new ways, a festival for documentary of our century, the 21st century.

There are two different categories in the festival competition: “Finished Work”, to show what has been done in Spain in recent years, and “Development Projects”, which encourages projects, regardless of their level of development, related to digital storytelling. A jury will select finalists based on aspects such as quality and interest of the story, design, documentary experience, interactive and transmedia strategy, etc. See more info on the rules in this link (in Spanish).

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Once the basics of the festival had been defined and other clues extracted from festivals and initiatives, such as interDocsBarcelona and Miniput, and the interactive sections of film festivals like IDFA Doclab, Tribeca Film Festival and DocsMontevideo, it was decided that the final form of the festival would have two formats: one digital (online) and the other physical (onsite). For 10 days the Docs21 will be digital (20-30 May at, where finalists in both categories will be announced online (natural habitat of the work) and, among other activities, the jury and the audience will choose the winners.

The second part of the festival will be physical (13 June in etopia Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza) and offers “driven experiences” of the winning works by their creators, other activities such as a roundtable called “Digital Narratives: for whom and for what?”, and two  masterclasses.

Entries to the festival are free but  only projects from the Spanish area will be accepted.  The deadline is 7 May. See all the details here.

DocS.21 is an experiment, an adventure that will be a reality thanks to the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, coordination and production by the Inspira – Transmediaz Association, direction by Andreu Meixide, and collaboration of companies and entities such as Aragón ITA Technological Institute, Conducttr and the city of Zaragoza.


Finished work category


There will be one winning entry with a prize of 1,000 €


There will be one winning entry with a prize of 500 €


Development work category


There will be one winning entry with a prize of 1,500 €

ITA Consulting

Counseling Conducttr



There will be one winning entry with a prize of

ITA Consulting

Counseling Conducttr

See the awards here


The rapid expansion of this documentary form has definitively arrived  to Spain, so let’s taste what it has to offer in this succulent May at three specific events: DocumentaMadrid’14 festival (8-9 May), Docs.21 Documentary Digital Narrative Festival (20-30 May) and interDocsBarcelona (28 May – 1 June).

Andreu Meixide
@ andreumeixide