interDocsBarcelona Conference 2014 videos (english)

Part of the DocsBarcelona International Documentary FestivalinterDocsBarcelona takes place annually at the end of May. The entire event is a professional meeting to disseminate, create and finance the interactive documentary. After the success of the first edition  (in this link there’s a compilation of reviews of the first edition), this year (May 29- June 1) we went one step further by setting out an even more ambitious proposal including training, creation and financing of interactive projects. This year, the interDocsBarcelona activities were:

1. interDocsBarcelona CONFERENCE, with presentations from national and international experts, case studies and a debate on new documentary narrative forms arising from new technologies (see the programm here).


2. DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum: the selection of projects to be presented in front of potential financiers and film distributors, for the first time this year it includes two interactive projects and specialized televisions in this format.

Pitching forum

3. Webdocs Popathon: an intensive workshop to produce prototypes in the field of interactive documentary.


4. Meet Up: informal meeting to set in contact experts, producers and young creators arount the topic of the transmedia documentary.

interDocsBarcelona_2014_Meet up_3

interDocsBarcelona_2014_Meet up_1

As in the first edition we invited Sandra Gaudenzi to offer an insight of the interactive documentary field, this year we invited Mandy Rose asking her about the process of co-creation in the interactive documentary. Her keynote opened the conference and enlightened us with an amazing intervention. During the morning the presentations were conducted in English language and during the afternoon  in Spanish.


One of our main sponsors of the event -Media Antena Catalunya-, recorded the full event, edited the videos and upload all the content to the Youtube channel they host. Below we offer the presentations done in the morning of May 30, in the Theater Auditorium of the CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona) by Mandy Rose, Mike Roobins and Mads Dambo. Remco Vlandereen (Submarine Channel) presented also at the conference but was not possible to record his presentation.



Welcome to the second edition!

 Joan Gonzalez (DocsBarcelona) and Arnau Gifreu (interDocsBarcelona)

Interactive Documentary: Designing Co-Creation

Mandy Rose (i-docs, DCRC – University of the West of England)

Creative collaborations, a practical discussion on the indivisible relationship between story-telling, code and design

 Mike Robbins (Helios Design Labs)

Building the WOO. An online, offline and onsite experience

Mads Damsbo (Copenhaguen Phil)

Arnau Gifreu
Researcher and producer