interDocsBarcelona Conference 2014 videos (spanish)


Part of the DocsBarcelona International Documentary FestivalinterDocsBarcelona takes place annually at the end of May. The entire event is a professional meeting to disseminate, create and finance the interactive documentary. After the success of the first edition  (in this link there’s a compilation of reviews of the first edition), this year (May 29- June 1) we went one step further by setting out an even more ambitious proposal including training, creation and financing of interactive projects.

This year, the interDocsBarcelona activities were: interDocsBarcelona CONFERENCE (see the programm here),  DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum,  Webdocs Popathon and a  Meet Up.

In a previous post we include the videos of the conference in English language, and in this one the presentations done in Spanish language.


¿Somos Documentales, y tú?
[We are documentaries, and you?]

Ricardo Villa and César Vallejo (Interactive Media Department, Spanish TV)

“Catacombes”, un documental interactivo español producido con la herramienta Klynt
[Catacombes, an interactive documentary produced with Klynt]  Simon Duflo (Honkytonk Films) and Victor Serna

Cromosoma 5
Maria Ripoll (Cahuenga Filmmakers)

Quipu Project
Sebastian Melo and Rosemarie Lerner (Chaka Studio)

La llamada [The call]
Valerie Delpierre (Inicia Films)

SEAT. Las sombras del progreso, Solos, SRT [SEAT. The shadows of the progress]  Jorge Caballero, Marcel Pie, Pau Artigas and Roc Albalat (Masters Degree on Creative Documentary (UAB), Taller Estampa)

Docs21. Festival Documental Narrativas Digitales
Andreu Meixide

interDOC (Index + Lab)
Valentina Moreno and Ángela Gómez

Final round panel
Eva Domínguez, Maria Ripoll, Sebastian Melo, Valérié Delpierre, Jorge Caballero, Andreu Meixide and Valentina Moreno

Arnau Gifreu
Researcher and producer