Smart Stories, Virtual Reality & Immersion: 3 Future of Storytelling shorts

In the lead up to the Future of Storytelling summit – which takes places 1-2 October in New York – they have produced a series of shorts showcasing the speakers and their work. You can see the full playlist here, but i’ve pulled out three that I feel are of the most interest to our community – enjoy!

Smart Stories: Matt Adams

Matt Adams, co-founder of the UK-based group Blast Theory (if you’ve never heard of them, you must check them out) discusses their current work-in-progress Project Karen and how they’re planning on using big data to tell better, smarter stories that position you as the main character.

Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Peña

Nonny’s virtual reality projects continue to receive increasing international attention and her provocations for its’ use within journalism continue to intrigue the public. In this short, she discusses her work – including her newest piece ‘Use of Force’ – and the reactions to it. You can also read a great in-depth interview with her on the Creator’s Project blog.

Connected Immersion: Susan Bonds

Susan Bonds, CEO and Cofounder of 42 Entertainment, talks through a few of the immersive experiences they have created, combined with key lessons including one of my personal favourites; trust your audience.