interDocsBarcelona Popathon – Prototypes

On Friday 30th May started the first intensive workshop to produce interactive documentary prototypes: the interDocsBarcelona Popathon. Organized jointly by interDocsBarcelona and the Popathon platform, the activity was focused around interdisciplinary groups lead by a mentor (storyteller) and a programmer (coder). An effective mix between storytellers and programmers made  it possible in the space of 24 to 48 intensive hours to produce, depending on the participants, various prototypes for webdoc projects.Some added values we had consist of:

1) A prize was awarded to the best prototype, consisting of:

– A Klynt Pro license (multimedia editor) for a full year to produce either the prototype or other projects (valued at 500 euros, 1 license for each member of the winning team).
– Free entrance to the conference and the Meet Up of  interDocsBarcelona 2015.
– The prototype will be presented at the next academic conference, the third edition of interDocsBarcelona (2015).

2) We had two internationally renowned experts that  helped in the creative process:  Simon Duflo (storyteller) + Mike Robbins (creative technologist).

3) Besides the experts in the field, 9 extra mentors with different backgrounds offered their expertise during the whole process (here the list and biographies of our mentors)

The results were amazing, we produce 5 prototypes and 4 of them were operative. Below the examples produced:


foto 1

This was the prototype that won the Popathon. The game strategy here is used to make interactive surveys on people and neighborhoods that live in the city of Barcelona.


The city is divided into living areas, and through the game we can get an idea if we guess who lives in every neighborhood.  Every anonymous person gives us clues to help us decide on different options. We have 3 chances to find the right answer, and if we hit all three times we won the game.


Laia Ros receiving the Prize during the Closing Ceremony of Docs Barcelona Documentary Festival 2014


Programmed by Mike Robbins (Helios Design Labs, special  interDocsBarcelona 2014 guest) and Eva Domínguez and Valentina Moreno as mentors, in this prototype technology and narrative came together spectacularly. Using Google Maps and Street View technologies, Mike created a mapping of the entire city of Barcelona where we can move in two scenarios: the peace and war.

War and peace in Barcelona


In this remarkable prototype, the city of Barcelona is conceived as a laboratory where the user can listen to sounds and play with some of the noise generated in the city.

BCN Says


Can Vies is a self-managed social center of the district of Sants that the authorities decided to tear down   without explanation. The project proposes a dual scan from the media and the voice of the citizens, to understand what really happens in this urban space.

Can Vies Dema



Another original and very ambitious prototype, whose germinal idea was to superimpose different advertising messages given by users in exhibition spaces of the city of Barcelona.