Catalan Television opens a call for interactive documentaries

As I wrote in an article for Studies in Documentary Film, and the same project is referred to in my latin playlist for MIT Docubase, Catalan TV (TV3) was a pioneer and the first company in Spain that produced an interactive and transmedia documentary project. This initial attempt was Guernica, pintura de guerra (Guernica, war painting). With this project TV3 started and ended in 2007 Catalan TV’s contribution to the production of interactive documentaries. Today times have changed and they feel it is once again necessary to enter the field, which is good news for Spain!

Guernica pintura de guerra

The Department of Digital Media of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA) and the Documentaries and New Television Formats Department of Televisió de Catalunya one week ago opened the first call for the production of interactive documentaries.The aim of this initiative is to explore the interactive documentary as a specific audiovisual format with its own codes and which is in a continuing process of definition and transformation.Proposals must be original and can be completely independently in their contents or be linked to supplementary pieces such as television documentaries (associate or coproduction). The deadline is 9 January, 2015.

Logo TV3

The assessment of the proposed productions and subsequent monitoring of these productions will be carried out by a committee of professionals formed by the Department of Digital Media of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA) and Documentaries and New Television Formats of Televisió de Catalunya.

The proposals will be hosted in web portals of the CCMA, during which time the CCMA has the rights to the works. The following issues will be relevant for the evaluating committee:

– The originality of the proposal

– The transmedia strategy of the product

– The approach to the user interface design, the interface’s navigation and usability, interactivity, and the possibilities of participation and adaptation to the objective of the project narrative

– Whether the project is of cultural and lasting interest

– The skills and experience of the authors
The interactive documentary projects must be submitted in the following format within the deadline:

Printed dossier, including the registration form of the interactive documentary projects. This dossier must be sent by mail, courier or in person.

–  Electronic format of the dossier with two files: one with the project and another with the interactive documentary project registration form, which  should be in “Word” or “pdf” format. Participants can email or print the file enclosing a CD.

– If the interactive documentary is linked to a traditional television documentary co-production, it must meet the prior requirements and agreements made by the commission.


All these documents should be addressed to:


Catalan Television S. A.
Interactive documentary
Documentary Area
TV3 Street, s/n
08970-Sant Joan Despi


Documentals Interactius
Àrea de Documentals
Carrer de la TV3, s/n
08970-Sant Joan Despí
You can ask about details here:


Sections that projects should include:

– Registration form duly completed.

– Story line (4 lines).

– Topic: the more specific description of the idea and content.

– Treatment. Narrative Elements. Description of the interface, functionality, interactivity and participation elements. Appropriate descriptions of audiovisual content.

– Transmedia project elements

– Pre-script

– Operating plan: length of interactive content, if updating is necessary, management and participation if any, broadcast, etc.

– Technical approach: technology used, the necessary environment to host interactive devices and/or operating systems that can access the interactive documentary.

– CV’s of key members of the team.

– History of the production company (for those projects presented for the first time).

–  Approximate budget breakdown by item.

– Financing plan (detailing the amounts of economic contributions provided and/or tendered). Specify whether it is a work or  has co-exclusive rights.

– Work Plan




Arnau Gifreu
Contributing editor