Personalising interactive documentary: Digital Me case study at i-Docs 2016

Commissioned by BBC’s Chris Sizemore in 2015, Digital Me is an interactive experience that asks us to reflect on our online persona through a narrative that is deeply personalised.

Produced by Sandra Gaudenzi and Helios Design Labs, the project uses data mining and face recognition to bring the user into the centre of the narrative. As a prototype, it was launched on BBC Taster website, a platform for experimental projects and prototypes.

In a case study presentation at i-Docs 2016, the team behind Digital Me questioned whether personalisation could provide an alternative model of immersion to VR. One where users immerse themselves into their internal worlds rather than into unknown external realities.

Watch Sandra Gaudenzi, Mike Robbins and Chris Sizemore uncover their individual learnings from making the project – from ideation, technical and design prototyping to online testing.

Now residing on the Helios website – you can access Digital Me here.