Video: Mediated Interactions: VR & AI Art (i-Docs 2018)

This panel from i-Docs 2018 brings together three different artists creating work across virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Nadav Assor explores his showcase installation Titchener’s Cage and current claims around empathy in “Embodiment and fragmentation in Titchener’s Cage and related projects”.
In “The Job Vacancy: Echoborg Project: Staging a Chatbot Documentary”, Rik Lander presents an overview of his interactive theatrical work. Echoborg explores a near future in which most jobs for humans have disappeared, leaving only the role of interface between AI and other humans.
Finally, Memo Akten unfolds his thinking behind the two pieces shown at i-Docs: FIGHT (VR) and Learning to See. He asks – what does it mean to “learn”, to “perceive” and ultimately to “understand”?
The presentations are followed by a joint Q&A session, moderated by Sandra Gaudenzi.