Video: Immersive Documentary Encounters (i-Docs 2018)

Up next in our series of videos from i-Docs 2018: Immersive Documentary Encounters.
First to take the lectern is Karim Ben Khelifa, a photographer and artist, with “Producing ‘The Enemy’ – a VR and AR exploration of the points-of-view of combatants on opposite sides in armed conflict.”
Secondly, Danae Stanton Fraser & Mandy Rose, co-investigators on the EPSRC project Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters, discuss the first phase of their inter-disciplinary research.
Finally, Dan Archer – Director of Empathic Media – discusses his room-scale VR experience ‘The Room of Never Again’ / ‘El Salon de Nunca Mas’, and shares findings from his Tow Center white paper – ‘Walking in another’s virtual shoes: on empathy and 360 degree video news.’
The presentations are followed by a joint Q&A session, moderated by Mandy Rose.