Webdoc.com as a tool for idocs

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Webdoc.com is a new website for storytelling you should be using.  From our prospective as i-doc makers, it offers an interesting paradigm: separable page format that whilst remaining in the control of the maker, offers a unified (though linear) discussion space that can be remixed (and made nonlinear).  It’s also an interesting case study as an interface that encourages expression …

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First interactive documentary specialization of Spain in the Masters Degree in Creative Documentary at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

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One of the most prestigious documentary references in Spain and Latin America is the Master of Creative Documentary imparted at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Recognized theorists and practitioners come together and taught master classes and seminars with the aim of forming  a new elite of filmmakers each year. Among them we highlight Josep Maria Català, Roman Gubern, Isaki …

Jonathan Harris is back, and this time it is an i-doc!

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Have a look to this interview with social network visualization master Jonathan Harris. He is working on an i-doc on lesbian porn (rather unusual, I must say). It will be a format full of 10: 10 interviews, 10 seconds long video clips, 10 days etc… For now it is exhibited at the Pace/MacGill Gallery in NYC, but it is soon …

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When documentary space becomes a whole city

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Most people would agree with the idea that digital media has totally changed the way we produce, distribute and view documentaries. It is easy to see how digital cameras, digital edit suites and online distribution have become the norm in the documentary world, it is harder to see how much new media has infiltrating the whole concept behind what John …

A great study on interactive documentaries

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Have a look to this great study done by the Canadian Documentary Network. It is called Documentary and New Digital Platforms: An Ecosystem in Transition and it is a good 56 pages report on what is happening in the idoc world. Worth checking!

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Fluid interfaces for crossmedia documentaries

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I have just been teaching crossmedia documentary production to my undergraduate students in Bristol. Their brief was to create a character-led documentary across the three areas of moving image, sound and interactive. After several years of teaching this module, I have finally seen a good example of a cinematic interface helping to create an immersive framework for engagement with documentary …

Situationist app

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A suggestion: In the spirit of John Grierson, the Situationist App enables a ‘creative treatment of reality’ http://www.situationistapp.com/   Try it on for size today….      

A good article about Alexandre Brachet

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For all of you who are coming to i-Docs, here is a good article about Alexandre Brachet, CEO of Upian, and guest speaker at i-Docs.  Alexandre is going to speak about participation and collaboration with the audience at i-Docs so… here is a little introduction to a man who has pioneered web-docs in France, a man with flair…  one of …

Welcome to Pinepoint

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Check out NFB’s latest production: Welcome to Pinepoint (January 2011!). This interactive documentary tells the story of a city that has been totally destroyed in the last ten years. Although the documentary is fundamentally linear (you can only press the next/previous tab and click on some photos) the quality of the narrative, and of the combination between graphics and video, …