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Ingrid Kopp asks Jason Brush about design thinking – in the UX Series

  The UX Series has launched two days ago, and the discussion about UX methodologies and i-docs design is already spreading… could this mean that we are hitting a hot topic?? Ingrid Kopp has just asked Jason Brush (Executive vice president of Creative and UX at POSSIBLE) to extend on her own contribution… Watch their exchange on the UX Series, and add to it if …

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Between the Lines: Storytelling in the New Landscape

Between the Lines festival, which took place back in March, have released a number of videos from this years festival including the whole storytelling session with Caspar Sonnen, Alexandre Brachet, William Uricchio and our very own Mandy Rose. The festival, a partnership between DocHouse and the Frontline Club, explored the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape. As well as this …

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Jesse Shapins and James Burns ring in the web doc revolution!

Initiated at Mozfest last year, the web doc manifesto has been rumbling under the surface for the past few months. Although it’s been spoken of and added to during a number of subsequent events and meetups, it has never been quite so passionately presented as it was at the all-day TFI interactive event. Recounted by Zeega founders Jesse Shapins and …

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Henry Jenkins at Madrid Transmedia Living Lab 2012

Also have a look at Robert Pratten’s (CEO of Transmedia Storyteller LTD) keynote slides, which introduces a methodology for participatory storytelling and illustrates with examples from his work: Transmedia Living Lab, Madrid from Robert Pratten You can find out more about the Madrid Transmedia lab here.

i-Docs 2011 – Florian Thalhofer

Berlin-based Florian Thalhofer is an artist, documentary filmmaker and inventor of Korsakow, a software to create database films. Below is his keynote from i-Docs 2011, where he discusses this software, what can be done with it and his current projects at the time, enjoy!

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i-Docs 2011: short documentary

A short video with some of the highlights from the 2011 symposium, including Nick Cohen (BBC) Siobhan O’Flynn (University of Toronto) and Florian Thalhofer’s (Korsakow creator) brilliant keynote:

Video: Transmedia for Social Documentaries

What does the word transmedia actually mean? What do documentaries need to be to ensure that they are seen in this complex media world? On this event, transmedia creators discussed ‘what “transmedia” actually means, how documentaries can adapt to take advantage of this new medium and the opportunities it offers for new storytellling techniques’. Tribeca Film Institute at The New …