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  1. David Lucio


    I am a ecuadorian filmmaker, and I have a question for you.

    A few months or a year I suppose, you have a page in thay you can learn how to build an interactive doc. I don´t find this page anymore….

    It is online yet??

    Thanks my friends!

    1. Jess Linington

      Hi David,

      Unfortunately i’m not sure which specific page you’re talking about… We have a resources section which includes a tools section that has links to a number of platforms you can build interactive documentaries on.

      This keynote presentation from Ben Hoguet is also very informative.

      The TFI Sandbox also has a number of useful links and resources.

      Hope that helps!

    2. natalia restrepo maya

      Arnau Gifreu da una conferencia que se llama “Cómo producir un documental interactivo transmedia” debes contactarlo.

  2. Charly Conquest


    I am a development producer, currently looking to introduce the world of I-docs to my employer, CNBC. I was hoping someone could get in touch to talk me through what you do in a little more detail.

    Best wishes,


  3. Han Savelkoel

    I will visit the symposium as a study tour. For funding (Europass/Erasmus) i ‘m looking for someone from your organization who can sign the Europass Mobility certificate. Can you give me a name and contact details of anyone who is authorized to sign?
    I tried this by mail and your contact form. unfortunately no reply sofar.

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