i-Docs Presents

June 2015

Nonny De la Peña: Experiments in VR & ‘immersive journalism’

Nonny explored how she is pushing technological boundaries for narrative endeavours, including exploring 3D environments for fiction, news, and documentary.

i-Docs Presents

June 2015

Ken Eklund – ‘The Future is an Authentic Fiction’

Ken designs immersive play experiences about socially relevant issues. He talked about designing works to engage people with playfully shaping positive futures.

i-Docs Presents

April 2015

Matt Adams (Blast Theory) –
A Message from Karen.

Following their installation at Tribeca Storyscapes, Blast Theory’s co-founder Matt Adams came to Bristol to talk about their latest project Karen.



i-Docs Presents

June 2014

Ingrid Kopp: A field guide to interactive storytelling.

The new storytelling paradigm has been described as participatory, cross-platform, immersive, transmedia, and interactive. But what kinds of stories are possible now?

i-Docs at Webdox

May 2014
Webdox, Belgium

Co-curated and presented by Sandra Gaudenzi, with speakers including Francesca Panetta, Clint Beharry and Marek Tuszynski.

i-Docs 2014

March 20 – 21


Production Models
Engagement and Evaluation
New Territories

Speakers included
Hank Willis Thomas (Question Bridge)
Elaine McMillion (Hollow),
Prof. William Uricchio (MIT)
Dr Kate Nash (University of Leeds)

i-Docs Presents

November 2013

Elements of Interactive Storytelling with Daniel Burwen.

With over 10 years experience in the creative industries, working in design and console games and interactive media, Daniel Burwen joined us to share his thoughts and insight into interactive narrative and story-driven media.

i-Docs at Webdox

April 2013
Webdox, Belgium

i-Docs partnered with iDrops and Media Desk among others to run Webdox 2013. Sandra Gaudenzi moderated the conference with speakers including Jonathan Harris, Nonny de la Peña and Daniel Burwen.


i-Docs Lab

June 2013
Open City Docs, London

Hosted by Sandra Gaudenzi, this lab was composed of two sessions: a detailed introduction by Sandra Gaudenzi, followed by in-depth case studies from Paulina Tervo, Mike Paterson and Sidonie Garnier.

i-Docs Lab

April 2013
i_doc workshop, Nyon

Judith delivered the i-Docs Lab to 20 emerging i-docs professionals as part of the i_doc workshop in Switzerland.

i-Docs Lab

January 2013
BBC Digital Bristol Week

The i-Docs Lab is modular workshop where we invite people to expand their understanding of what an i-doc is and use a purpose-oriented approach when creating new projects.



i-Docs 2012


Showcased recent projects and provided space for discussion of the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation.

Keynotes and invited speakers included
Jigar Mehta (18 Days in Egypt)
Brett Gaylor (rip! A Remix Manifesto)
Prof. Brian Winston (University of Lincoln)
Sharon Daniel (University of California)
Paulina Tervo (Awra Amba Project)
via Skype, Kat Cizek (Highrise)



i-Docs 2011


Showcased recent projects and provided space for discussion of the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation.

Speakers included
Alexandre Brachet (Upian)
Matt Adams (Blast Theory)
Nick Cohen (BBC)
Florian Thalhofer (Korsakow)

The evening saw City Symphonies – a screening of Jean Vigo’s A Propos de Nice (1930), followed by a live response from documentary film-makers Keith Marley (Liverpool John Moores University) and Geoffrey Cox (University of Huddersfield).

i-Docs begins

The first symposium is convened by Judith Aston and Sandra Gaudenzi alongside Jon Dovey in 2011.