Arnau Gifreu Castells is a lecturer, researcher and director in the audiovisual and multimedia field. He is a doctor in communications and has a master’s degree in digital arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). He has a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

He is a research affiliate at the Open Documentary Lab (MIT, Massachussets Institute of Technology and part of the i-docs (University of the West of England). He is a lecturer at ESCAC (University of Barcelona) and ERAM (University of Girona). He has published various book chapters and articles in his research area, interactive and transmedia non-fiction, and specifically on interactive documentaries.

He has organized several editions of the Musiclip Festival (2009-2011), coordinated e-Week (Digital Week of Vic 2012) and the interactive section of Docs Barcelona, interDocsBarcelona (2013). He has also collaborated in the European Youth Award (ICNM 2011-2012) and been a member of the International Commission/Territory of the “Barcelona Laboratori Cultural” (BLC).

In terms of research stays, he has been a research lecturer at Harvard University (Harvard Metalab 2013), York University (Future Cinema Lab, Canada 2011-2012), Universidad de los Andes (Ceper, Colombia, 2015) and visiting lecturer at TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland 2011), and at the Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy 2012). He was founder and coordinator of the projects interDOC and INF (Interactive NonFiction), interactive documentary and non-fiction observatories and production programs.

He has worked and collaborated in direction tasks for television stations such as 25TV or TVC and production companies such as Tasmania Films and MediaPro. He was chief editor for the journal “Ictineus” (DGR – Autonomous Government of Catalonia, El Periódico de Catalunya). Over the last years, he has produced and directed interactive and transmedia projects such as COME/IN/DOC and La Marató de TV3 (direction), Cyborg Project (production),  MetamentalDOCAixò nostre and Animal Hero (academic advisor), Bugarach. Surviving the Apocalypse (interactive design) and  Las Sinsombrero and Pregoneros de Medellín (assessment).

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Session Title:  The emergence of interactive documentary as a new media genre: Towards a taxonomy model.

In such an unspoilt field and therefore exempt from classification or taxonomy proposals, we consider that the most appropriate is to offer a multiple proposal, considering that a field as complex and dynamic as this may require. The three proposals are complementary and together provide a coherent overview of the exact place where to locate each application.

Thus, it was considered appropriate to split the proposal into three main approaches: in relation to documentary genre (thematic approach), in relation to the interactive part (the experience of the user) and on the platform or support containing the interface, the basic connection that links these two parts.

From the perspective of the documentary genre, we propose a classification based on documentary subjects and forms of representation that involves the specific topic.

Secondly, and midway between the two fields described, we consider a proposed taxonomy in relation to the support and/or exhibition platform may also be indicated.

Finally, from the perspective of interactive digital communication, we will take a proposal based on the experience of the user (user experience).