I am a journalist, researcher and digital content producer from Galicia (NW Spain). I’m partner and co-founder of A Navalla Suíza, a digital communication company focused on web apps and open video tools development, where I work as content strategist and project manager. I also research on digital narratives within the Area of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature of the University of Santiago de Compostela, currently working on a project about Spanish eLiterature.

In the last decade I achieved a big experience in digital media in Galicia, as well as in film development and tv writing and directing. Moreover, I was a blogger and op-ed columnist in several media such as El País, 20 minutos and Vieiros, an electronic journal of which I became director in 2006.

In 2007 I co-directed Linguas Cruzadas a 50′ documentary for Galician Television, about the relation between young people and the Galician language. Two years later I produced a collaborative webdocumentary on the same topic, Eu falo. That was my first approach to the i-docs world; since then I’ve been researching in new ways to tell non fiction audiovisual stories on the web, blending my two passions: documentary and digital storytelling.

At this moment I am particularly interested i the concepts of open source cinema, remix, database cinema and collaborative filmmaking. With A Navalla Suíza we are exploring the possiblities of HTML5 tools for enhancing user’s video experience, and helping filmmakers to build complex narratives mixing video and web language. Among other works, we collaborate in the Web Made Movies project with the Mozilla Foundation and the National Film Board of Canada. In 2010 our team won the MIPTV Digital Creativity Festival “Content 360º” in the “Next generation online video experience” category, with the project “Augmented Films”.


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