Gerald Holubowicz spent the last 10 years working as news photographer for various agencies in France and the United-States. After studying Law and Journalism in France, he worked with the photo agency Abaca Press as staff photographer for almost 3 years in the 2nd largest city of France where he used to cover major French political rallies, the 2008 presidential campaign, social and economic news as well as entertainment events.

In 2006, Gerald moved to New York and, after a brief stint with Abaca USA and Gamma Press, joined Polaris Images as Contributing Photographer for two years. He covered the U.N General Assemblies, the Pope visit in New York, the economic crisis and Wall Street, the Presidential Campaign, and a lot of Movie Premiere amid a lot of other different stories.

His work has been published in the main magazines and websites in USA such as Life, Business Week, Sport Illustrated, Newsweek, Portfolio, Vanity Fair, the New York Magazine, Rolling Stones, Us Weekly, In Touch, and several other publications in the world.

Preoccupied by the state of the news industry and pushed by a strong desire to tell story in a different manner, Gerald started to study new narrative forms, storytelling techniques adapted to new technologies as well as documentaries. This path led him to explore among other things, transmedia storytelling, i-docs, web-documentaries structures, web-economy fundamentals, social networking strategies, crowdfunding & crowdsourcing techniques.


In the 2010 series “Sortir du Cadre” (Think outside the box) Gerald has explored the economy of the new media and the photo industry. He has studied the new opportunities offered the generation Y and analyzed the different economic models that photojournalists could use to significantly change the status-quo in the news industry.

Gerald focuses his efforts to develop new projects involving editorial transmedia techniques and interactive documentaries (i-docs). He also teaches at the EMI-CFD (journalism school in Paris) and participates time to time to conferences or panels about transmedia storytelling and interactive documentaries.

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