Nonny de la Peña is a co-founder of, an online community with members in 126 countiries, which allows collaborative remixing of visual journalism from anywhere on the globe and also won the Knight News Challenge in 2010.

As a Senior Research Fellow in Immersive Journalism at the USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism, she has been exploring how to utilize gaming platforms and virtual environments to convey news, documentary and non-fiction stories. Her recent projects include, “Gone Gitmo,” a virtual Guantanamo Bay Prison in Second Life, which was prototyped with funding from the MacArthur Foundation and employs first person experience and spatial narrative. Another project “IPSRESS” investigates the use of head mounted display technology as a means to evoke feelings of presence in reportage.

A former correspondent for Newsweek Magazine, she has written for the New York Times, Premiere Magazine, Texas Monthly, Time Magazine and others. She has written multiple episodes of dramatic television, including penning two pilots for CBS. She has also directed and produced four feature length documentary films exploring human rights issues which have been shown on national television and screened at theatres, festivals and special events in more than fifty cities around the globe. The Los Angeles Times wrote that, “de la Peña expertly personalizes the stories” in her films and the New York Times called her work, “a brave and necessary act of truth-telling.”

De la Peña is currently developing an innovative user-friendly editing design for Stroome and also building an immersive journalism piece using audio captured at food banks in Los Angeles that creates an evocative experience about hunger in the US.

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