Bringing Facebook here

We’ve had a lot of interesting links/videos/articles posted to our Facebook group so here’s a few of the best so far:

Bears and interactive documentaries

Bear 71 from National Film Board of Canada on Vimeo.

Bear 71 Live observes and records the intersection of humans, nature and technology in a live, Internet connected event. Questioning how we see the world through the lens of technology, this multi-user, interactive story blurs the line between the wild world and the wired one. And it involves an augmented reality app.

To look at the app, click here.

Click here to read a far more detailed article about it.

An interview with Jigar by Mandy Rose

Jigar Mehta, who is speaking at i-docs, is a video journalist and digital entrepreneur whose most recent project is 18 days in Egypt.

18 Days in Egypt | Call to Action – Subtitled from 18DaysInEgypt Team on Vimeo.

To read the full interview, click here.

Internet Native Film

A brilliant annotated list of Internet Native Films complete with clips and previews:

Wonder what internet native film is? Read the manifesto here.

More to come soon!