i-Docs 2013

i-Docs at Open City DocFest



i-Docs will participating in the Open City Docs Fest on Saturday 22 June. Check and book for our workshop here! There will also be a Masterclass with Kat Cisek!

The festival runs over 4 days in a number of venues across central London. Check the full Open City Docs fest programme.


i-Docs at WebDox


i-Docs partnered with iDrops and Media Desk among others to run Webdox 2013. Sandra Gaudenzi moderated the conference alongside speakers including Jonathan Harris (Cowbird), Nonny de la Peña, Daniel Burwen (Operation Ajax), François Le Galle (Défense d’Afficher), Margaux Missika (Alma), Bjarke Myrthu (Storyplanet) and Sabine Lange (ARTE). To find out more about the conference, click here.

i-Docs at Nyon

i_doc logo

Judith delivered the i-Docs Lab to twenty up and coming i-docs professionals as part of the i_doc workshop in Switzerland. This was a five-day workshop, aimed at audiovisual professionals from across Europe to help them to innovate their productions, to keep up-to-date with the evolution of audience behaviour and to raise competitiveness. Sandra’s role was to introduce the concept of interactive documentary to the participants and to moderate the case studies. Other members of the i-Docs team were also present at the workshop, with Arnau Gifrau delivering an additional session on context and Mandy Rose participating as a mentor to the projects in development. You can read more about the workshop and lab here.

i-Docs Symposium

There will NOT be an i-Docs symposium in Bristol this year … but we will still be active through a series of i-Docs activities at other events. To start with, i-Docs will present its Lab on the 30th of January 2013 – as part of BBC Digital Bristol Week. It will then participate in Webdox 2013 in Belgium (more soon!) and may have a presence at the Open City documentary festival in June.

So this temporary break from the conference is by no means the end of our adventures. We will use the year 2013 to gather funds and network support to organize a bigger international event in 2014. So stay tuned, and contact us on idocsinteractive@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting i-Docs 2014!