3D3 fully-funded PhD

12 fully-funded collaborative PhDs with industry partners

The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training has been awarded 12 fully-funded PhD studentships from the National Productivity Investment Fund to in October 2017. Each studentship is a collaboration between one of the three universities’ research centres and an industrial partner that guarantees training and access to facilities, a variety of internships/placements and in some instances co-supervision. All students will be part of an interdisciplinary Design FuturesLab.

Studentships available that may be of interest to the i-Docs community include: 

Encounters with virtual humans: investigating the non-fiction media application of spatial imaging techniques in representing people in 3D, exploring the processes through which these transformative media technologies are being taken up within documentary media through VR platforms. More →

Experience design for sensory storytelling: investigating production methods in creative media forms which engage the senses beyond the audio-visual, experimenting with emerging creative technologies to engage with audiences/users beyond the screen. More →

Attention and engagement in digital media production: investigating companies and organisations that work in the emerging creative digital economy and how their use of digital technologies, models of production and audience reach differ from those of established media through a series of case studies.’ Interested in metrics for engagement? Put in an application quick – closing date June 19. More →

There’s 14 other studentships available on topics including VR, AI, Robotics, Human Computer Interface (HCI) and the impact of digital technologies on the creative industries – check out the full list here. Closing date for applications is June 19.