5 blogs: the start of a wider conversation

Below are the blogs of some of the people directly involved in the organisation of this years i-Docs, they are all deeply embedded within the field of interactive documentary, come from backgrounds in theory or practice or both.

This list is just the start – we would love to hear of more resources/blogs/lists/channels from the wider i-Doc community.

1. CollabDocs

Mandy Rose is currently an AHRC Research Fellow in Creative & Performing Arts at the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the the West of England, based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, UK.

Her research looks at the intersection between documentary and the Social, Semantic and Open Web and she is investigating the role of the producer as context provider, catalyst, curator in documentary projects.

Her current practice-based research The Are you happy? Project revisits Jean Rouch’s seminal documentary “Chronicle of a Summer” in the context of global collaboration and the web, and explores the potential of HTML5 for the “creative treatment of actuality”.

2. Interactive Documentary

Coining probably THE domain name, Sandra Gaudenzi is not only documenting the progress of her PHD with entries on issues such as “dealing with supervisors”, “life-work balance”, “what am I really looking for”, but is also keeping track of what is happening in the world of digital interactive documentary.

Past posts include an interview with David Harris on Global Lives, how can 3D worlds be used in documentaries? A review of One Millionth Tower and Exile without End: a strong web-doc by CBC.

3. Siobhan O’Flynn’s 1001 Tales

One of our most prolific tweeters and contributors, Siobhan’s blog is “tracing the roots & tendrils of storytelling today”.

Most recently she has brought attention to this fantastic presentation from JESS3:

Also check out Siobhan’s daily compiled paper which draws together a wide range of news from around the web: The Siobhan O’Flynn Daily

4. María Yáñez

Chairing this years discussion on HTML5 & i-docs Authoring tools, Maria is a journalist, researcher and digital content producer from Galicia, Spain.

She is particularly interested in the concepts of open source cinema, remix, database cinema and collaborative filmmaking and her blog reflects this.

5. Bulb

Last but by no means least is photographer Gerald Holubowicz, who has contributed massively to the discussion surrounding i-Docs 2012 and has continuously provided us with interesting resources and current interactive documentaries.

His blog, Bulb, covers a range of topics from photojournalism, to transmedia story telling to interactive documentary.