A survival book on webdocs

Webdocs, a survival guide for online filmmakers may be the first book devoted to a practical view on this hot topic. His author, Matthieu Lietaert, a documentary creator himself, aims to give some tools to develop web-documentaries.

A survival guide on webdocs

“How to include interactivity in your projects? How to reach a bigger audience? How to develop a creative funding strategy? How does the web affect storytelling? How to pitch or crowdsource your webdocs?” are some of the main questions this work tries to answer.
To achieve this goal, the book interviews 30 world-known cross-media experts:

• Alexandre Brachet (Upian)
• Alexander Knetig (ARTE)
• Alexis Sarini & Louis Villers (Webdocu.fr)
• Andrew Devigal (The New-York Times)
• Anne Vierhout (ex-IDFA)
• Arik Bernstein (Alma-Films)
• Brian Storm (Mediastorm)
• Caitlin Burns (Starlight Runner)
• Danae Ringelmann (IndieGoGo)
• Elizabeth Radshaw (Hotdocs)
• Femke Wolting (Submarine)
• Heather Croall (Sheffield Doc Fest)
• Hugues Sweeney (ONF/NFB)
• James McQuivey (Forrester Research)
• Jon Reiss (Think Outside the Box Office)
• Katerina Cizek (NFB)
• Laurence Bagot (narrative)
• Marc Meurisse (Belle)
• Mark Atkin (Doc-Campus/Crossover)
• Mathieu Détaint & Nicolas Sauret (Inflammable)
• Nicolas Saint-Cyr (Nikosanto)
• Paul Pauwels (ETMA)
• Peter Wintonick (DocAgora/Eyesteelfilm)
• Rob Ford (FWA)
• Sheri Candler (Social media consultant)
• Stefano Strocchi (Move production)
• Tamara Krinsky (IDA)
• Tom Koch (PBS)

Webdocs, a survival guide for online filmmakers can be bought online. For more information, there is a Facebook page and a site.

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