i-Docs Lab

The i-Docs Lab is modular workshop where we invite people to expand their understanding of what an i-doc is and use a purpose-oriented approach when creating new projects.

You can get in contact with us if you are interested in one of our possible formats: a one hour introduction to i-docs, a half or a full day workshop.

Over a full day we will answer the following questions:

What are i-docs?
– an introduction to the emerging field of interactive documentary
Where have they come from?
– a sense of how this new generation of work builds on documentary history
What’s the point?
– a focus on the purposeful, strategic uses of interactivity
What to do next?
– a sense of what i-doc production looks like: where to look for development, business,

Who is the Lab for?

Linear documentary practitioners who want to start thinking about creating on new platforms.
Media professionals who want to raise their awareness of interactive documentary and new platform potentials generally.
People with web and social media expertise who want to develop documentary projects.

Why attend the Lab?
At the moment there is a lot of confusion around what an i-doc is and what can be done in this emerging field. Innovators are people with a vision. But to have a vision you need to know where you stand. The i-Docs Lab is an intense day aimed at provoking assumptions and pushing creative thinking. It is the perfect introduction to a production process.

Have a look to our first i-Docs Lab, part of Digital Bristol Week, January 2013.

Digital Bristol Week – Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi & Mandy Rose at BBC Bristol 

What to do next?

Contact us on idocsinteractive@gmail.com