(Almost) Weekly Roundup!

It’s not quite Friday, but here’s a hand crafted round up of what i-Docs has found on the web this week!

1. Another guest post from Jesse Shapins, unfortunately not on the i-Docs site this time, but over at PBS. Jesse discusses ‘How the Indie Audio Community Is Transforming Storytelling’ and packs in plenty of good examples to boot! Have a look here.

2. Following neatly on from this is one of Jesse’s projects ‘Mapping Mainstreet’, which he talks about towards the end of the previous article:

[quote]What I loved about creating a project like this is that you initiate something open-ended, and you actually have no idea what people will do. And you can learn from what people do — and the surprising things they do can become the center of a project. For example, Amy Fichter (aka xenia elizabeth) heard the series on her local station, along with the prompt to contribute photos of Main Streets nearby. She proceeded to use the project as an impetus to travel around her region of western Wisconsin, taking photos and talking to people in towns that she had often passed through but in which she had never stopped. Amy documented so many Main Streets that when a gallery owner ran into her taking photos on the gallery’s Main Street, the ensuing conversation led to an exhibition of her Mapping Main Street photos.[/quote]

So here it is, a Collaborative Documentary Media Project, Mapping Main Street.

3. Blast Theory are doing something cool (again!), this time they’re in Machester running around the streets trying to film each other, wearing illuminated suits of course! If you’re in ‘the north’ you should really check this out, if you’re not – you can play online here and follow the live twitter stream on the 17th @idhideyou!

4. Hot Docs has now finished after an incredibly jam packed few days of documentary goodness, if you didn’t manage to make it, here’s a complete festival wrap up from Real Screen, which is apparently going to be followed by a far more comprehensive three-part report, so keep your eyes peeled.

5. And finally games, Frank Rose discusses his opening keynote from last years SheffDocFest and the relationship between games and stories, read more here and watch his keynote below: