Announcing i-Docs Montreal: a groundbreaking UK-Canada collaboration

i-Docs announces a multi-site climate-aware conference for 2020, connecting Bristol and Montreal

i-Docs is thrilled to announce a partnership with Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, to present the first distributed i-Docs Symposium. The Symposium in Bristol in March 2020 will be accompanied by an exciting programme of simultaneous events at Concordia University’s Feminist Media Studio, including keynote presentations, panels and workshops. We are planning live hook-ups between the venues, with real-time interaction between transatlantic delegates at curated touch-points throughout the schedule.

image of Odile Joannette

Odile Joannette, Executive Director of Wapikoni

We are delighted to be hosting a keynote talk by Odile Joannette at the Montreal event. Odile is Executive Director for Wapikoni, a Montreal-based Indigenous participatory film-making organization that offers training and equipment to Indigenous youth throughout Québec and beyond. More speakers to be announced. Odile’s presentation will be live-streamed to i-Docs Bristol.

Together with Concordia, we at i-Docs see this as the first step in a radical experiment in climate-aware conferencing. We released our conference call in September, and we are cognisant of the contradictions apparent in calling for submissions on the theme of climate emergency while encouraging attendance from around the globe. So, our intention is to allow delegates from the Americas to consider reducing their climate impact by avoiding transatlantic flights, while participating in an experiment to produce an enriched form of virtual conferencing and remote connection.


Key information:

Bristol: Hosted by UWE’s Digital Cultures Research Centre, held at Watershed, 25-27 March.

Montreal: Hosted by Concordia University (Feminist Media Studio), Thursday 26 March and Friday 27 March.

How to take part:

  • The programme for Concordia is being curated in partnership between i-Docs and Elizabeth Miller, Professor in Communication Studies at Concordia. We are not conducting an open call for submissions as we did with the Bristol event.
  • Attendance at the Montreal event is by invitation. Bristol attendees will have live access to a number of Montreal sessions.
  • Tickets for i-Docs Bristol now available here.
  • Finally, if you are based in the Americas but would still prefer to travel to the Bristol event, you are of course very welcome!