BEAR 71: How Interactivity Affects User Experience in Interactive Documentaries

This study has presented an analysis of the use of interactivity in the interactive documentary Bear 71. This study categorizes the documentary’s interactive elements into specific forms of interactivity, assesses how those forms affect the holistic user experience, and makes recommendations for future interactive documentary iterations through a content analysis and 15-participant user-experience study. The user-experience study used data gathered from observations of user-experience sessions, semi-structured discussions, and surveys. The findings suggest that Bear 71 creates an innovative and engaging interactive digital narrative experience through the use of agency, immersion, and aesthetic. However, dissonance within the experience occurs because of several conflicting interactive elements within the documentary.

Pettengill, J. (2017) “BEAR 71: How Interactivity Affects User Experience in Interactive Documentaries”.

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