Between interactivity, reality and participation: the interactive documentary form

The ways in which new forms of storytelling and new technologies affect narration in documentary film remains an important issue. Theorists agree that the representation of collective and individual memories has changed and will continue to change as the process of writing a story constantly moves from traditional supports (i.e. books) to more advanced ones (i.e. tablet computers). Interactive documentaries raise key questions about conventional documentary practice and analysis, about its effect of realism, its value of truth and about its viewer’s position. In this article we investigate the interactive documentary form through the analysis of two productions. We will show how different and very contemporary degrees of interactivity are changing the way in which documentary storytelling relates to reality and to its audience. Furthermore, we will apply the semio-pragmatic approach in order to identify interactive non-fiction as documentary. We will conclude with a study on the concept of community and co-participation in the creation of content in new media productions.

Odorico, S. (2015) “Between interactivity, reality and participation: the interactive documentary form”. In: MEI Mediation and Information Issue 39, Pp. 213—227,

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