Beyond the screen: interactive documentary exhibition in the festival sphere

Contemporary documentary forms, including: interactive documentaries, VR documentaries, 360 productions etc. are growing increasingly popular and in the context of film festivals the i-docs form is ‘forcing’ classic documentary festival programmes to change their formats while, at the same time, it is boosting the creation of new and alternative events (and spaces) which adopt ‘new media’ as their main focus. Against this backdrop, this chapter will provide an overview of the film festival as it relates to documentary, interactivity and transmedia. Specifically, it will describe and analyze how several film festivals are currently including contemporary interactive documentaries in their programs without sacrificing their traditional event-experience for their audiences.

Odorico, S. (2020) “Beyond the screen: interactive documentary exhibition in the festival sphere”. In: In Vallejo, A. & Winton, E. (eds.) Documentary film festivals: changes, challenges, professional perspectives Palgrave MacMillan

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