Going Public: The Art of Participatory Practice

Going Public: The Art of Participatory Practice responds to the urgent need to expand current thinking on what it means to co-create and to actively involve the public in research. New technologies, platforms, and methods are challenging community-engaged artists, academics, and media makers to rethink their approaches to collaboration. The book offers insights into long-standing concerns around voice, aesthetics, appropriation, privilege, power dynamics, and the ethics of participation. We provide an overview of community-engaged practices and present case studies that grapple with issues of class struggle, gentrification, violence against women, and Indigenous rights. What are the ethics of, and expectations for, social impact?

This is a resource for students and researchers in theatre, communications, history, education, sociology, and anthropology, as well as practitioners interested in collaborative approaches to performance, documentary media, and oral history.

Miller, E.; Little, E.; High, S. (2017) “Going Public: The Art of Participatory Practice”. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press

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