The Shore Line as Polyphony in Practice: A Case Study

The Shore Line (2017) is a collaborative interactive documentary that features over forty individuals from nine countries who are confronting the threats of unsustainable development and extreme weather along our global coasts. In addition to video profiles the site features dynamic maps, visualisations, and soundscapes. In this case study, producer and director Elizabeth Miller discusses how the polyphonic attributes of i-docs are ideal for classrooms and how she designed the site with educators in mind. She defines polyphony as the creative engagement of voices, authors and forms towards a common objective and shares the strategies and challenges of engaging her target audience—teachers invested in sustainability.

Miller, E. (2018) “The Shore Line as Polyphony in Practice: A Case Study”. In: Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media Issue 15, Pp. 113—123, DOI

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