Brand new software from 3WDOC: create i-Docs easily online

The new version of 3WDOC Studio is now available!

After almost a year of work, incorporating many returns of use from our beta testers, whom we thank, the newest version of 3WDOC Studio is now available! This application was briefly presented at the last edition of i-docs 2012 Symposium in Bristol.

The new version of the 3WDOC Studio application is finally ready. It comes in three languages French, English, Spanish with a number of improvements resulting from user feedback from our beta testers. Here is some of the major improvements that have been made on this new version Totally Cloud and Fully HTML5:

Stage your content

Telling a story on the web, it’s introducing time in your creation. This is the major component imposed by 3WDOC with its timeline. With 3WDOC, you can easily stage your multimedia elements (text, photos, videos and buttons) in space but also time. Each sequence has its duration and once bound together all these sequences will make your multimedia storytelling. Stage your content

Drag n Drop story editor

In a draggable and efficient interface, create dynamically the storyboard for each of your story with the best user-experience tool available in a browser.

Drag and Drop

Multiple uploads

Our upload tool is an easy to use, high-performance solution which allows you to upload multiple files to web servers without refreshing the page. It enables you to select and upload multiple pictures or cancel running picture uploads, add new pictures during uploading and provides a progress bar and status information during the upload. Multilple Uploads

Professionnal Encoding

Encode any kind of videos on the software, to high-resolution files and stream them with the best quality ever for HTML5 and mobile format.

Drag and Drop

Full collaboration

Let your friends or collaborators work on all of your projects. You can manage easily the process of co-creation directly online. Full collaboration

And much more… To get the all the new features, please do visit our website @

What happens to the Beta?

We keep the beta version online for those who have already registered and are using it in many projects.However, for this beta, there will be no more changes, patches or support from now on. Even, the registration is ending today.