i-Docs 2011 – Florian Thalhofer

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Berlin-based Florian Thalhofer is an artist, documentary filmmaker and inventor of Korsakow, a software to create database films. Below is his keynote from i-Docs 2011, where he discusses this software, what can be done with it and his current projects at the time, enjoy!

Interesting ideas on i-docs

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Posted by  ARNAU GIFREU  from Universitat Pompeu Fabra-  Universitat De Vic, Spain (2010) Proposal for I-Docs Symposum Blog (Setting the field / Summary) For some time it is producing a process of converging between two communication fields, which are, apparently, very different: the documentary genre and digital media. Although the history of the documentary started half a century before that …

idoc with an “I” as “interactive”

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A post written by Gerald Holubowicz The landscape of the web documentary in 2011 is still very limited. In little more than five years of existence, the “webdoc” has reached an unprecedented interest among photojournalists, new media producers and begins to spread across a wider audience. Yet it is already time to move on, it’s time to move to the ‘idoc.’ At the beginning was the documentary. The term “web-documentary” originates from the …

A good article about Alexandre Brachet

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For all of you who are coming to i-Docs, here is a good article about Alexandre Brachet, CEO of Upian, and guest speaker at i-Docs.  Alexandre is going to speak about participation and collaboration with the audience at i-Docs so… here is a little introduction to a man who has pioneered web-docs in France, a man with flair…  one of …