Crowdsourcing, mapping and an i-doc; more links from the land of Facebook

Firstly a blog post from Patrick Meier (an internationally recognized thought leader on the application of new technologies for crisis early warning, humanitarian response, human rights and civil resistance) on ‘Why Bounded Crowdsourcing is Important for Crisis Mapping and Beyond’. If you’re not entirely sure what ‘Bounded Crowdsourcing’ actually is, read an earlier post from Meier here.

Next is Biasmap, a site tracking prejudice and bias in the United States. Although the map isn’t abundantly populated yet, the collaboration between RSS feeds, google maps and other multimedia content such as youtube is seamless.

Lastly, ‘What if… we change’; an interactive platform about ‘what happens when people make their ecosystems a vibrant source of life again’. After watching clips, viewers can became participants and make a story of their own using existing video clips or other youtube videos.