Embracing Transmedia: Battle for Jerusalem

Liz Nord is a documentary filmmaker and multi-platform producer who has produced and shown work in Europe, the Middle East and throughout North America. However her current documentary project ‘Battle for Jerusalem’ is taking a less conventional path and being released online first.

The film itself follows the struggle of young, fearless City Council member Rachel Azaria, who is fighting to save both her city and her career from the grip of Haredi extremists, some of whom wish to force her out of office and impose a strict religious lifestyle over the entire population.

There is already a strong online presence through ‘Jerusalem Unfiltered’, which will grow as the project progresses to become a ‘multi-platform approach to storytelling directly from the city streets’. The videos on the site (a few are up already) will then be ‘reconfigured into micro-stories for a location-based mobile app that delivers one-of-a-kind insights to tourists visiting Jerusalem actually and virtually’.

With the multimedia aspects of the project already perfectly covered, Liz Nord has published 5 reasons why she is still releasing the film online first, click to have a read and find out more about the film here.