Florian Thalhofer needs your help!

I have just received an e-mail from Florian Thalhofer saying that he will unfortunately not be able to come to i-Docs this year (last year he was one of our keynotes speakers – view the full presentation here) because he is working like mad on a new Korsakow-project “the Greek and the Money” (working title).

The originality of this project is that… Florian needs us! We are asked to become a “pro-reviewer”. This apparently means that we can watch on Vimeo some of the material he shot in Greece, and we are asked to rate it. Our communal voice will then influence his final Korsakow edit. And it all needs to be done very soon – as the 70 min Korsakow film will be premiered in Athens in June 2012!!!!

So… i-Docs community… if you are interested in participating to Florian’s new adventure… do it soon!!

For those that want to know more about it here is what Florian wrote on his website:

Help making this film!

Crude audio, coarse cuts and unwanted switches of the camera – rarely any filmmaker adventures himself to the public at this early state of production, requesting feedback.

But this is exactly what Florian Thalhofer is doing: he is requesting active assistance for his new Korsakow-project “the Greek and the Money” (working title). The rough-cut interview-sequences are now visible on vimeo as raw-material. View them, evaluate and comment them!

All ratings and comments will be analysed and have an impact on which scenes will make it into the film. Therefore every single rating and comment is helpful.

Together with his Greek girlfriend, the German documentary-filmmaker travelled through Greece in order to talk to people about cause and effect of the crisis. They conducted about 30 hours with interviews. In a first step this material has been reduced to an amount of about 4,5 hours. This raw-material is now available as 203 short video-clips, rough-cut and subtitled on vimeo.

This will lead to a Korsakow-film of about 70 minutes length, premiere will be in Athens in June 2012. Besides the Korsakow-film a Korsakow-Show and a Korsakow-Installation will arise.

A project of korsakow.tv and the Goethe-Institute Athens.

Become Pro-Reviewer:

If you want to view and rate a minimum of 30% of the material, please send us an email to preview@dgudg.de. We will provide you a list with opportunity to leave a more detailed evaluation. All Pro-Reviewers will be mentioned in the film’s credits.