Fort McMoney: Two years of research, 60 days of shooting, 50 interviews.

Screen grab Fort McMoney

More exciting news from the NFB today; on November 25, TOXA and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), in association with ARTE, will launch Fort McMoney (, a trilingual (English, French and German) interactive documentary game about the issues facing Fort McMurray, Alberta. Created by David Dufresne. an independent journalist and documentarian who was also behind the well-known interactive documentary Prison Valley.

Fort McMurray is a town at the centre of Canada’s economic growth thanks to its location at the heart of the oil sands, the world’s largest energy project. The interactive documentary explores the pervasive nature of the oil industry as it penetrates almost every aspect of the community. Fort McMoney allows users to immerse themselves in the town’s environmental, social, cultural, economic and political concerns. By meeting citizens and key players in Fort McMurray’s development, users can, among other things, participate in major debates leading to referendums whose outcome—determined collectively by the players—influence the direction of the game for everyone. Participants find themselves taking part in a striking interactive experience that brings to life complex and very real dilemmas.

Screen Shot Fort McMoney

The trailer is already available and gives you an insight into how the gameplay works, as well as the sheer domination that the oil industry has in this town. Users can also sign up now at to take part in the documentary game, which starts on November 25.