Free talk! Multi-linear documentary: tools & processes for creative practice

6th May 2015
4.00PM, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol 

Next week we are holding a free talk in the Pervasive Media Studio with Hannah Brasier.

Hannah is a PhD candidate in the School of Media and Communication, at RMIT University, in Melbourne, Australia. She is also a member of the nonfiction Lab. Her project-based research is developing potential models of online interactive video practice unique to the affordances of the network.

image4Hannah makes her interactive documentaries using Korsakow – software for interactive video that is often used for interactive documentaries. Her work is largely observational; a collection of short video clips gathered from everyday life.

She is also interested in the process of making interactive documentaries, with specific interest in Korsakow as a tool for thinking about documentary content and multilinear narratives. Hannah’s PhD will consist of four Korsakow interactive documentaries, which in varying forms, explore the viability of the essayistic form, list-making, and noticing, as potential methods of making interactive documentaries attuned to the qualities of the network as a specific site for practice.

She has previously presented at the Australian Screen Production and Education Research Association annual conference and is currently working on a chapter for a forthcoming anthology on interactive documentary. Hannah regularly teaches within the Media program at RMIT University, and is a visiting PhD scholar at the University of Leeds during 2015.