i-Docs goes to #Mozfest

We’re at Mozfest this weekend and in the spirit of the event, will be providing live updates throughout the weekend through the i-Docs Storify, which worked so successfully during our symposium.

If you’re not aware of the Mozilla Festival, in the words of Mark Surman (Mozilla’s Executive Director) it’s “about anyone and everyone interested in the possibilities the web has to offer, coming together and sharing their skills and expertise.” and they aren’t lying. The breadth of the programme is incredible, from hackable games to source code for journalism, there is a lot going on and we hope to explore the possibilities of the web for interactive documentary and its surrounding fields.

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker has been at the forefront of their recent developments as they opened up a beta version of the software   to remix a TED talk – have a go yourself if you haven’t already – and there’s a number of workshops around it which we’re very much looking forward to.

Alongside this is Jesse Shapin’s  open-source HTML5 platform ‘Zeega’ which will also be part of the festival with workshops from Zeega’s team of journalists, documentary artists and interactive designers who “will share Zeega’s latest tools and work with participants to create interactive experiences with original and web-based audio, photos, videos and text.”