Arjan Dhupia

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Arjan Dhupia is a PhD Fellow of Experimental Game Design and Development at the University of Portsmouth. He holds an M.A. degree in media studies, media technology and philosophy from Braunschweig University of Art, Germany.

Prior to his post-grad pursuits, Arjan worked as a PR manager for the German game publisher association. He has been recently involved in projects with theatre collective Rimini Protokoll and Berlin-based game art festival A MAZE.

Arjan’s applied research focuses on narrative experience in location-based mobile games. It aims to frame artistic and commercial storytelling strategies using an array of disciplines, including game studies, design theory, literature studies and human geography.

As part of his PhD, Arjan is currently developing Disco Bandits, a story-driven, single-player location-based game that addresses public surveillance in everyday life. Players explore Plastic City, a parallel world hidden in the streets of London. The project is inspired by Michael Naimark’s counter-surveillance essay “How To Zap a Camera”.

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