Eléonore Lamothe

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Eléonore Lamothe is the co-founder and producer at Kids up hill, a transmedia production company.

Session Title: A Tale of Two Johns

A Tale of Two Johns is a creative documentary series using web and TV based film, social media and live interactive events. Its narrative content is based on the impact of the economic crisis on two fictional protagonists: John in London and Jean in Paris.

The project explores how audience members of two different cultures can interact with characters and affect positive change in their fictional stories. The audience will influence the lives of the two Johns, helping them out of the situation in which they find themselves. Within this narrative experiment, we film the public’s response to build the next episode and push forward the drama in a way that reflects the moral compass of real people.

The principle that underpins our interaction model is that all participants should be able to pursue clear objectives in their interactions with characters. We think people must be activated here in the pursuit of a concrete goal. The narrative subsequently develops in response to the way participants pursue their objectives. According to their involvement and input, they may ring the story to different outcomes.

This principle of objective driven action applies equally to online interaction and live immersive interaction, the latter probably providing the most decisive moments in the narrative development as participants will be able to see the impact of their actions in real time and space.