We are very pleased to announce an amazing opportunity to engage with two brand new pieces of software!

We are running two parallel day-long workshops on Saturday 24th with industry professionals 3WDOC and HonkyLab. The workshops will explore each company’s cutting-edge authoring software, click here to book a place.

3WDOC Studio is a versatile tool specifically designed to create and deliverrich media experiences optimized in HTML5 to run across the web: 3WDOC Studio = 3WDOC Player + 3WDOC Editor. Have a better look and download the beta version here.

[quote]3WDOC looks like adobe premiere in the cloud: jquery + html5[/quote]

Patrick CHANEZON at LeWeb’10 Developer Relations Manager for Google API Evangelist for AdWords, Checkout, OpenSocial, Manager OpenWeb advocacy team, Manager Client and Cloud advocacy teams

HonkyLabs software Klynt is an interactive editing and publishing application dedicated to creative storytellers. Within the software you can edit rich narratives, import and manage content and then publish on the web. To find out more and try out the free demo here, it has got a lot of people very excited:

“A MUST for all multimedia storytellers”
— @koci, Professor of New Media at UC Berkeley

“Awesome interactive project creator app”
— @zlwise, Multimedia Producer, NYTimes

“Love the visualisation of the storyboard”
— @claireburge, UK Photographer

“I believe it is the best digital storytelling tool I’ve found yet!”
— @psesinando, Graphic Designer & contributor of the Nieman Lab

Have a look at the Klynt software:

Hands-On Klynt: The Basics from Klynt on Vimeo.


At these workshops you will get the opportunity to work closely with the creators of these new tools.

Both HonkyLab and 3WDOC will spend the morning teaching participants how to use the tools. Following this, they will spend the rest of the day leading the development of collaborative projects using the tools.

So participants get the most out of these workshops, the group sizes are going to be small so tickets are limited, book now to ensure your place!