Immersive Journalism goes one step further!


As immersive journalism is experimenting new ways to create “immersion” (see Eva Dominguez’s article on this for LaVanguardia) Nonny de la Pena goes one step further. With Hunger in L.A. she  combines filmmaking, augmented reality, and journalism to recreate a real incident that took place two years ago at a food bank line in L.A.

This is a fascinating project that has just been presented at Sundance Film Festival. Read here a fascinating article about the whole project and an interview with Nonny de la Pena.

The strength of this immersive documentary is that it does not try to re-create cataclysms or sensational stories. It speaks about the daily problems that are around us every day – and that we possibly ignore, or do not know about…

As de la Pena says in her interview : “Take a story about people who are hungry, who I felt were invisible, and make them visible in a way that was so compelling that people would really get what the fuck was going on out there. So that works. And it works in a way that has blown my mind.”

It is really mind blowing… check it for yourself!