Interactive documentary: articles, events & votes

There seems to be a lot happening in the world of interactive documentary this week! Incase you had missed our daily updates, In Media Res are currently curating a week of articles concentrated around the topic of interactive documentary.

There have already been three pieces published, an opening provocation asking ‘Why interactive?‘; an examination of civic engagement and i-docs, focusing on Fort McMoney from Kate Nash; and today’s post ‘Place and Voice in Bear 71‘.

There’s two more articles to come, including one tomorrow from our own Mandy Rose. Comments are encouraged on all the pieces, so contribute to the debate and keep the conversation going!


Good news if you’re in London next week and can’t make it to the Power to the Pixel Media Forum, award-winning executive producer and creative technologist of the NFB Digital Studio Loc Dao will be at the Frontline Club:

Technological developments have influenced the way stories are crafted. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has been at the forefront of major developments in cinema since 1939, both creatively as well as technologically. Their projects are also true testaments to a filmmaker’s desire to transmit images and words in a meaningful and passionate way.

Today, with opportunities offered by new media, stories can be told in a non-linear fashion through different platforms, or made interactive. Do these new technologies truly revolutionise the way we document the world, or merely change the relationship between the maker and the viewer?

Loc will explore the possibilities these developments offer through some of NFB’s most innovative projects. He will go back to the start of interactive magazines and photo essays, which led to the interactive documentary and storyworlds.

You can find out more about the event here.

Loc will also be speaking – along with others including Nonny de la Pena, Michael Grotenhoff and Lance Weiler  – at the Power to the Pixel Conference on Tuesday 7 October.


Lastly, the ‘Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Year Awards‘ are open for votes on the FWA.

Included in the line up is Elaine McMillion’s ‘Hollow’, the Guardian/NFB collaboration ‘7 Digital Deadly Sin’s’ and National Geographic’s ‘Killing Kennedy’.

Once again, it’s amazing to see the independently produced ‘Hollow’ up against these larger productions – so head over and vote!