Interactive & Immersive Journalism: curated

Our very own Eva Dominguez is currently curating a page about interactive and immersive journalism. Recent scoops feature i-Docs keynote Jigar Mehta whose #18DaysinEgypt project is an ongoing crowd-sourced about the revolution in Egypt and 3 Generations, who create and curate compelling video stories to effect social change.

If you’re interested in these new and ever changing forms of journalism, this resource is the place to start:

 More Scoops just added!

An update to this post and three more Scoops for your reading pleasure:

Our very own Siobhan O’Flynn curates Tracking Transmedia, which has content about transmedia, crossmedia, interactive & digital storytelling, oh and cupcakes.

Webdocs is curated by Arnaud Hacquin and pulls in stories about the timeliness of web docs, if you’re not fluent in French, view it in Google Chrome which does a pretty good job of translating.

Simon Loubris looks at new forms of storytelling as well as web documentaries, again in French, but the content is definitely worth you time!

And last but not least, Anthea Foyer is looking at current creative possibilities in digital storytelling in her Creative Digital Storytelling.

That should keep you busy for a while: “Non-fiction storytelling and webdoc is more fun than ever”