interDocsBarcelona 2016 / 23-29 June – Interactive Pitch, online screenings and Popathon

In the first post we introduced the new edition of interDocsBarcelona and its main activity, the conference. Here we will explain the other parts of the event: the interactive pitch, Popathon, online screenings and Meeting Point.

b) Interactive Pitch: a financing and promotion platform for interactive and transmedia documentary projects.
The Interactive Pitch consists on a presentation of 4 interactive projects in front a selection of financers, especially interested in this kind of projects, and DocsBarcelona accredited professionals.



Thursday May 26th from 3.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m  at CCCB.
All the pitch presentations will be in English.

Check out the confirmed financers:

  • Emilie Bessard, ATRE France (France)
  • Geert-Jan Bogaerts, VPRO (The Netherlands)
  • Bruni Burres, Sundance Documentary Program (USA)
  • Annick Jakobowicz, Nouvelles Ecritures, France Télévisions (France)
  • Anais Clanet, WIDE House (France)
  • Jess Gormley, The Guardian (United Kingdom)
  • Sebastián Pelayo, SPR (Mexico)
  • Jose Rodriguez, Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
  • Liz Rosenthal, Power to the Pixel (United Kingdom)
  • Nicole Tsien, PBS, POV (USA)
  • Ferran Clavell, TV3 Interactive (Spain)
  • Lorenzo Benítez, 3BoxMedia (Spain)

Check out the selected projects for the Interactive Pitch:

  • A Field Guide to Male Muses, by Harmke Heezen and Mike Robbins
    Helios Design Labs (Canada, Germany)
  • Block Seven. Consequences. A ten year day, by Jordie Montevecchi and Kat Amara-Korba
    Matchbox Media, Nomad Films (United Kingdom, Canada)
  • Island of Hope, by Ole Elfenkaemper, Alexander Probst and Kathrin Seward
    Evolair (Germany)
  • Letter to a stranger, by Sandra García Piñero and Eva Vila
    Araki Films (Spain)


c) Popathon – InterDocs Hack Jam


Friday 27th (6pm to 10pm) and Saturday 28th of May (9:30am to 22pm) – Sala Raval CCCB  (c/Montalegre, 5 Barcelona)

Intensive workshop to create web documentary prototypes in small multidisciplinary teams. Organized by Popathon and InterDocsBarcelona. We invite documentary filmmakers, journalists, technologists and designers to push the boundaries of digital storytelling by embracing the capability of the web. For 24 hours you’ll team up to brainstorm ideas, create open-source projects and demo prototypes of your own web-native stories.

Curious what’s possible in 24 hours? Explore projects hacked at previous editions here. During the hack jam teams compete against the clock, not against each other. By sharing ideas at an early stage, teams help each other to tackle challenges in the creative process. We encourage bringing ideas and content for projects you have in mind or in production. After the final sprint all prototypes are presented in a live demo and all the source code powering the projects will be made available open source for others to study and build on beyond the event.

Note: This year the sign up process is team based. Participants can sign up as teams of 3 to 6 people with at least one designer and one coder/technologist. You can also sign up individually and we will do our best to match you with amazing team members based on your profile. We can’t guarantee that we’ll match all individual profiles so finding yourself a diverse team in advance will increase your changes for participation.

The winners will receive:

– A Github Silver Plan (valued at 500€)

– Klynt license (valued at 500€)

Presentation of the project in the next edition of InterDocsBarcelona
Get the tickets here:


d) Online screenings

Interactive documentary screenings and web navigations with thir creators. A guided navigation of the authors of an interactive documentary is performed and then a debate is proposed to explain aspects of their production.

Online screening


e) InterDocsBarcelona Meeting Point

InterDocsBarcelona Meeting Point is the meeting place for the community of professionals interested ininteractive and transmedia documentary in Barcelona. Organised in collaboration with Altaïr Magazine, InterDocsBarcelona Meeting Point is held regularly up in Altaïr bookshop in Barcelona (Gran Via, 616).

Meeting Point

In each session, activities related to transmedia and interactive documentary are organised (presentations of papers, case studies, projects in development, financing strategies and ways to attract audiences) and a special guest is invited.

Do you understand spanish and want to watch the sessions? Check it out all of them here (interDOC).

April, 28, 2016 at 19.00h  – 8. Parkcelona: case study
Guests: Andreu Meixide
Project: Parkcelona.

March, 10th, 2016 at 19.00h  – 7. interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Guests: Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère
Theme: The webdoc from a photography point of view
Project: Alma. Hija de la violencia.

February  2016 – 6. interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Theme: I have a webdoc project
Projects and guests: No perdonamos – Júlia Canosa, Invisibles – Xavier Sotorra, Ágora – Cynthia Rodriguez .

January  2016 – 5. interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Keynote: Arnau Gifreu
Theme: A world of webdocs. North and Centre America.

December  2015 – 4. interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Guest: Alejandro Touriño
Theme: Legal rights in interactive and trasmedia documentaries

November  2015 – 3. interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Guest: Daniel Gonzalez (Be another lab)
Project: The machine to be another

October  2015 – 2.  interDocsBarcelona Meeting Point
Guests: Gemma Rodríguez (Gueparins) and Laura Piaggio (Piaggiodematei)
Project: Ariadna. An intineray through Catalan literature from XX century

June  2015 – 1. interDocsBarcelona Meeting point – Community launch
Guest: Alex Badia (Barret Films)

Hope to see you in sunny Barcelona next May!

Arnau Gifreu
interDocsBarcelona Coordinator