Keep on Steppin’: Submarine’s brand new cross-media project is released!

An exciting announcement for a friday afternoon from Submarine Channel:

We’re proud to share with you that we’ve just released Keep on Steppin’, our newest cross-media project comprised of five short poetic films, an interactive website, an iPad documentary app (still being approved by Apple!), the book Koeraaj Koeraaj and a photo exhibition.

In Keep on Steppin’, filmmaker Marjoleine Boonstra presents a layered mosaic narrative about ordinary people who, through circumstances beyond their control, have been ripped away from their everyday lives and forced to start over from scratch. She comes into their lives after all the help and the journalists are gone. These people show her their pain and sorrow and their will to survive.

Keep on Steppin’ had its world premiere at IDFA DocLab in Amsterdam, and is now available to watch online at:

Also, make sure you check out this short video about the making of Keep on Steppin’:

Making of Keep on Steppin’ iDoc from Submarine Channel on Vimeo.

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we look forward to hearing from you and have a good weekend!