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As transmedia is becoming a “must know of” for any digital producer, Dr Siobhan O’Flynn and Anthea Foyer have decided to make our life easier and to put  all we need to know about it into one single place.

The Transmedia Multiplatform Convergence (TMC) Resource Kit aims at being a one stop information tool for all those that feel a bit lost in the over-excitement around TMC and want to know what we are talking about and what to do next.

As I think this is a very clear and useful website/tool (have a look to the case studies! They are amazingly well documented and very   inspirational) I have decided to ask a few questions to the two ladies that have compiled it with passion and generosity.

SG: You have just launched the TMC Resource Kit with the help of CMF and Screen Australia. What is it exactly and who is it for?

SOF: The TMC Resource Kit is an online resource for Canadian & Australian traditional media producers who are interested in moving into digital. We started this initiative because Anthea & I found that in our work on transmedia (consulting, workshops, and production) we often hear the same questions around strategies, platforms, & practices that are very familiar to anyone working in digital, but entirely new for those in traditional media. The site brings together original Case studies (including Goa Hippy Tribe, Hunger Games and Sherlock Holmes),  How-To documents, and information on transmedia tools available at the moment for producers .With our supporting partners the CMF & Screen Australia, we have developed some resources that speak specifically to Canadian & Australian producers. With the response that we have gotten from our global community, it also seems clear that the materials here will be valuable for creators in many other countries.SG: Why now? Are there not enough transmedia conferences and Linkedin groups around? Is useful information difficult to find?SOF: Why now? there is a constant flow of good content online – resource, how-to, analysis, etc on transmedia – and because of the volume it can be a real challenge to find what you need or want in one place. Our intention was and is to create a hub site that will continue to evolve & expand so that those who want to figure out how to play in the digital space can find useful, practical resources on a range of topics all in one place.SG: How do you see the TMC Resource Kit developing in the next five years?

SOF: We are going to continue to add case studies (always fun!) and new resources, particularly around budgets & new business models & respond to new practices & innovations.

SG: Are you speaking about hard core transmedia projects only, or about cross-media and interactive projects in general?

SOF: As the Canadian industry & often funding encompasses more than just transmedia projects, we have provided examples for those who want to enrich a project with digital content or extensions but who don’t want to do a full transmedia design. AND not every project should be transmedia!

SG: How has it been received so far?

SOF: Fantastic! we’ve had wonderful responses from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the US, Canada of course… really appreciative & very complementary. We couldn’t be more pleased. And the producers we’ve worked with have been thrilled to see the evolution of their projects mapped out in a clear & comprehensive way.SG: Do you suggest academics to use it as a learning tool in class?
SOF: Absolutely! I know some who are doing so already. All the materials we have created are released under a Creative Commons license and all the material is available to download (see slideshare).SG: Any message to the i-docs community?
SOF: 2012 will be an exciting year! We’re looking forward to mapping out more case studies, i-Docs for sure so keep us posted on your doings!
Thank you both Siobhan and  Anthea! Long life to the the TMC Resource Kit!

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